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CATV systems have been around for decades. Yet they remain one of the most frustrating pieces of media distribution. The high channels are fuzzy, the low channels have lines, the end of the hallways do not look as good as the middle of the building. Do you struggle to maintain quality CATV systems in your facility? If so, Tricorne’s dedicated CATV staff can help. We can revamp your old system, design a new system or expand your current system to help keep the quality consistent and professional. From retirement villas to hospitals and schools to resorts you can rely on us to get your system up to speed and properly maintained.

CCTV systems have also been around for decades, but they are quickly gaining exposure with the onset of increased security. Our CCTV experts can help you plan an effective, on-budget system that will protect your property and help you monitor your facility. While schools are often thought of as the most common location for CCTV systems, healthcare facilities, government buildings and corporate offices are also quickly looking to CCTV to offer a new level of security. We can integrate your existing systems and update your camera and recording capabilities to offer offsite storage or remote access to the video. Please call or email our offices today to see what options and innovations are best suited for your needs.