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St. John's Lutheran Church

Location: Killdeer, ND

Situation: St. John's Lutheran Church was struggling, like many churches are, to get consistent, intelligible sound quality.  There were loud spots and dead spots throughout the sanctuary seating area.  The overflow sound to areas like the fellowship hall and nursery were poor quality at best and in some locations non-existent.  The church also struggled to find members willing to operate the sound system.  This was a result of parishioners being afraid of the sound system as its operation was confusing and with the tangled mess of cables this was understandable. 

Solution: To address the sound quality issues Tricorne Audio, Inc. created an EASE acoustic model of both the sanctuary and fellowship hall.  Utilizing EASE Tricorne Audio, Inc. was able to design a speaker system that provided even and consistent volume and intelligibility to all seating areas in both locations.  Furthermore, during the on-site walk through additional locations were noted as necessary overflow areas.  These included the kitchen, narthex and meeting room.  As part of the design, each of these areas received an individual speaker with a local volume control. 

In regard to operating the sound system several steps were taken to improve the ease of use and expand the willingness of volunteers to help operate the system.  The first step was the implementation of a Biamp digital system processor.  This digital system processor combines all the components (mixer, equalizers, distribution amplifier) of a traditional system into a single digital component.  Within this DSP, an automixer can be utilized for automatic mixing of the common microphones, such as the lectern, pulpit and pastors' wireless.  To control the level of these and the music inputs a simple RED-1 wall control was installed.  This very easy to use touch sensitive controller provides a customizable interface to adjust volumes, route microphones and combine/separate the sanctuary and the fellowship hall.  A second RED-1 was installed in the fellowship hall to maintain consistency through the church.  Lastly, as one can see in the pictures, a clean professional installation helps to remove the clutter and confusion often found in church audio systems. 

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