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Montevideo Public Schools Gymnasium

Location: Montevideo, MN

Situation: Montevideo Public School’s performance gym sound system did not provide adequate output, coverage or clarity.  The existing sound system consisted of a “ball” speaker located in the middle of the gym.  The largest challenge was designing an effective system while maintaining a reasonable budget. 

Solution: Tricorne Audio, Inc. developed a central speaker cluster of (4) Community R2-694 speakers with a pair of R.5 floor fill speakers.  This layout, designed using EASE computer modeling, provided excellent output and intelligibility for the nearly 2500 seat gym.  The R2 speakers also helped maintain the budget goals set by the school as the speakers are a full range speaker.  This reduced the number of amplifiers and DSP required by the system.  The success of this project, completed in 2004, has led to the school updating their pool, baseball field and football field/track PA systems as well.  All systems utilized Tricorne Audio, Inc. design/install and Community loudspeakers.

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