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Digital Signage and Cable TV

Digital Signage is quickly becoming the most cost effective method of instantly communicating with a large number of people. Digital Signage systems can be as simple as sending a bulletin board of events over a cable TV channel to multiple channel, fully scheduled streaming video. The most common applications include events schedules, news updates, weather information and of course EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION.

Modern digital signage systems are easy to use, simple to install and offer an opportunity to make a return on your investment. Whether you use existing TV’s, install new flat panel displays or plan larger displays with video projection in gyms and commons Tricorne Audio can find the right product for your application.

Tricorne Audio also provides design, installation and service on most in-house cable TV systems. This can include portable media carts to back feed events within the school back to all the TV’s. For a complete list of products and services contact us today.